Zelena Biotechnolόgia

Spore Green Biotech

Spore Green Biotech (SGB) has been developed by our research team to provide a healthy, strong and balanced plant development thanks to the selection of useful and natural microorganisms. SGB increases roots surface and bio-stimulates plant growth by strengthening its resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses; it promotes yield increase and crop quality; it improves common fertilizers’ effectiveness up to 30%. Carefully selected from nature and isolated by Microspore, they help farmers promote a healthy and balanced crops development.

Soil Fertility

Soil fertility derives from the combined effect of physical, chemical and microbiological components. The microbiological soil component is still poorly understood because of the countless varieties of organisms that are part of it and because of the complex environment and crop interactions. Understanding the microbiological component means understanding the soil health, its stress level and, eventually, its degradation level. So far, mineral fertilizers have ensured good production results and they have also compensated the soil organic balance deficit; however it is already clear that it is no longer enough. Thanks to the progression of Biotechnology and the new achievements of Microspore’s laboratories, today it is possible to improve this fertility component quickly, so that we can obtain better performances from the soil.

Microtech Complex Activator

Microtech PGPR Activator is a high concentrated complex containing multitasking microbes from the soil microbial community. Microtech complex releases phytohormones, such as auxins, into the rhizosphere. Phytohormones stimulate cellular multiplication and distension, as well as roots growth. They increase the availability of nutrients in the soil, in particular phosphorus and trace elements (Iron, Manganese, Zinc etc…). Microspore developed a different type of biological activator complex, named Microtech, with the purpose of developing and improving plant nutrition and protection. They are microorganisms that bio-stimulate roots growth and increase their defenses. They act in different ways, always producing a great amount of useful enzymes which stimulate the plant’s endogenous defenses. One of the most common methods that PGPR adopts is to improve plant nutrients’ absorption through the alteration of vegetal hormone levels. This process changes roots structure by lengthening branches and raising the amount of root hair. This leads to a root volume increase and to a better nutrients’ absorption. Moreover, PGPRs stimulate plant growth, assuring prime conditions (like pH neutralization) in the rhizosphere (a part of the soil closest to the roots) so that the plant can quickly assimilate all the necessary nutrients. In addition, some of them can make insoluble phosphorus and iron (siderophores) available. Last, but not least, its actions of growth inhibition and competition for space and nutrients ensure the detriment of many pathogenic and fungal species. In brief, PGPR have three very interesting properties and can be used as: biofertilizers, bio-activators, bio-protectors


Microstym is a complex of special symbiotic soil fungi combined with the Microtech Complex Activator that creates a faster, symbiotic association with the plants’ roots. This is a mutual association where each element takes advantage of Microstym complex: the fungus colonizes plant roots, providing water and nutrients absorbed from the soil through its external system of hyphae, while the plant provides organic matter to the fungus (like sugars, proteins, vitamins). Where Microstym develops, plants are healthier, more vigorous and less prone to environmental stresses.