sporos-logoDesertification and soil erosion created by chemical
processes have caused devastating effects on agriculture.
We know that each plant can express its best potential
thanks to microbial intelligence, which we analyze and
study in order to develop biotech solutions. Microspore is
producing and distributing a number of natural and organic
water- soluble and slow-release fertilizers.
Microspores production and R&D is located in Larino (CB) – Italy and our research and Development team produces new fertilizer
blends for customers’ changing requirements.
Since 2012 a new export center is established in Athens Greece and from here

we distribute a wide range
of organic fertilizers in liquid and granular form in many countries around the world.
Microspore is one of the largest, natural and organic
fertilizer manufacturers, with products available

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We develop and provide innovative and ecologically sustainable biotech solutions, which are effective in plant nutrition and environmental recovery. So far, we have been able to achieve very successful results, such as root system development, enhancement of plant growth and natural resistance to stresses, with the purpose of guaranteeing a future for both present and next generations.

We offer alternatives to traditional fertilizer products, creating significant value, making a difference.
Our work is led by excellence, so that our products and services are of a premium quality. They have the purpose to exceed our commitments to the customers we serve. We are described by a well-defined set of values which include responsibility, integrity, appearance, endurance, ingenuity, all ruling our actions, with the aim of achieving our overall mission.


Research & Development

anaptyxiResearch & Development has a key role in the Company strategy. Microspore has an advanced laboratory and a team of researchers who works full time on projects aimed at developing new fertilizer prototypes, focusing in particular on organic ones.

All the activities are developed by the Italian National Research Council (CNR) that has an operative team in our laboratory.

Innovation and patents are related to storage methods and fertilizer applications, processes of preparation with inoculum of microorganisms and production of mycorrhizae.

Considering all these aspects we have the ability and the desire to provide sustainable solutions to some of the grand overall challenges of our time, such as resource deficit, food security and global warming.