TWINSPORE line combines the standard fertilizing action with natural microorganisms’ action, which helps the plant overcome several biotic and abiotic stresses. Very often we tend to ignore plant stresses, which have a key role in yield and quality reduction, also in terms of effectiveness and in the use of soil nutrients or elements provided by fertilization. Under bad weather conditions, in case of parasites attacks or during specific phenological stages like sowing or transplanting, crops are more exposed to stressful situations that can lead to significant yield reduction.

TWINSPORE line has been created to help farmers manage these problems using natural solutions balanced with plants physiology. As they are products “from nature to nature”, we can obtain the following benefits:

  • Low environmental impact and lower production costs
  • Healthier productions
  • Productions obtained by lower quantities of chemical inputs (fertigants and pesticides)
  • Productions respecting operators and final customers

This line has been created by Spore Green Biotech (SGB) System, specifically studied to promote a healthy and balanced plant development and to increase crop production, both in quality and in quantity, with a mix of natural ingredients skillfully blended to enhance the effects of the microbial group.