GREENSPORE product line enhances mycorrhizae benefits and sets a new quality standard. MICROSPORE R&D has developed specific mycorrhizae to guarantee uniform quality and concrete results in difficult situations faced during crops’ growth cycle.
Mycorrhizae benefits are well-known but, unlike market standards, MICROSPORE can ensure persistent performances in specific fertilizations and support to the plant in case of stress. Since they are products “from nature to nature”, they provide the following benefits:

  • Low environmental impact and low production costs
  • Healthier productions
  • Productions obtained by lower quantities of chemical inputs (fertigants and pesticides)
  • Productions respecting the environment, operators and end-users.

This line has been created by Spore Green Biotech (SGB) System, specifically studied to promote a healthy and balanced plants development and to increase crop production, both in quality and in quantity, with a mix of natural ingredients skillfully blended to enhance the effects of the microbial group.