Fyllon Fitosacom


FYLLON product line is characterized by formulations with a strong stimulating action on vegetation, which enhance a harmonious development of the hypogean and epigeal parts.It includes application for fertigation fertigation, which ensures the best flexibility in the integration process of meso/micro elements, due to their importance in vegetable physiology.

The use of Meso and micro elements can be significant during fruit-swelling phase and in all cases of fertilizing elements like Boron, Zinc, Manganese and Iron deficiencies or immobilization.

Fitosacom Fyllon
Fitosacom PK Fyllon PK bio-leaf-blank
Fitosacom K Fyllon K bio-leaf-blank
Fitosacom Ca Fyllon Ca bio-leaf-blank
Fitosacom Mg Fyllon Mg bio-leaf-blank
Fitosacom Cu Fyllon Cu bio-leaf-blank
Fyllon 3-15 bio-leaf-blank
Lignicomplex Ca Fyllon Complex bio-leaf-blank
Algoman Fyllon Sea bio-leaf
Alga BLK Fyllon BLK bio-leaf-blank
Sacomsprint Fyllon Sprint bio-leaf-blank