Research & Development

Population growth makes us reflect on our future. Research and biotechnological innovations are the answer to our planet’s food needs, because we need to put together a task force to go “from research to knowledge” in order to feed the world. Microspore shows great sensitivity for a science-based technological development. The company is willing to undertake decisive action on some issues of strategic interest and increase effective cooperation between private companies, universities and research institutes. Microspore welcomed the challenge of innovation by signing an agreement with the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy. The aim is to create a series of activities that encourage symbiotic collaborations with Universities from all over the world and promote research projects and Ph.D. programs. Microspore aspires to a multidisciplinary research focusing on the interaction between microorganisms, soil, plants and climate. Microspore fosters innovation and efficiency in the biotechnology industry by providing technologies and solutions capable of responding to emerging individual and collective needs, and developing projects aimed at strengthening competitiveness using the best scientific methodology.